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CES 2013 Summary

In the blink of an eye the CES 2013 has concluded for another year. Whilst the show isn't specifically targeted at the Photo and Video Industry, the popularity of the yearly show allows manufacturers to announce new cameras and related equipment that they believe will be suited to their targeted consumer group.

This year sees several standouts including the following –

Samsung NX300

Pentax MX-1

Fujifilm X20

For all the tech junkies out there, here's the complete announcement list for this year –


Vixia HF R42 | Vixia HF R40 | Vixia HF R400 | Vixia HF G20 | PowerShot A2600 | Powershot A1400 | PowerShot ELPH130IS | PowerShot-N | Vixia G20 | Vixia R40 | Vixia R42


X100s | X20 | HS50EXR | HS35EXR | FinePix SL1000 | FinePix S8300 | FinePix S8200 | FinePix XP60


360 Degree Sports Camera


J3 | S1 | Coolpix S6500


Tough TG-2 | TG-830 | TG-630 | SZ-15 | SZ-16 | SH-50iHS


Q10 | Optio LS465 | MX-1


Lumix ZS25 | HC-X920 | HC-V720 | HC-V520 | HC-V210 | HC-V210M | Lumix LZ30 | Lumix XS1 | Lumix ZS30 | HX-A100


iM1836 (Android ILC) | iM1232W | iM1030 | iS2433 | iD975


NX300 | WB200F | WB250F | WB800F | WB30F | DV150F | ST150F


DP3 Merrill


Cyber-shot H200 | Cyber-shot TF1 | Cyber-shot W710 | Cyber-shot W730 | Cyber-shot WX80 | Handycam CX220 | Handycam CX230 | Handycam CX290 | Handycam PJ230 | Handycam CX380 | Handycam PJ380 | Handycam CX430V | Handycam PJ430V

Stay tuned to our webpage over the coming days as we begin stocking selected items from this year's show. 

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  1. Amongst all new launch Canon Powershot N and Samsung NX300 getting photographers attention. Recently my friend bought Sony Camera but now he is planning to buy Canon Powershot N