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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Contour ROAM2 and Contour SD Card Information

The action cam market continues to expand with the latest offering from the propellerheads at Contour, the Contour ROAM2

With significant upgrades over the original ROAM, the ROAM2 boasts a locking "instant-on" switch making it the most simplistic action cam out there, perfect for concentrating on the task while still capturing amazing video. Capable of shooting 60fps at 720p, it lends itself well to fast-paced action and delivers a consistently smooth result.

The ROAM 2 is waterproof without the need for a case, making it one of the most slimline and versatile tools available. The built-in laser level ensures you always have the correct angle, while the long battery life keeps you conquering earth, sea and sky longer than ever before.

It comes in stylish black as well as red and blue, a first for the Contour series. Priced to compete with the big guns, it is set to grab its market share and run with it so don't get left behind.


Some users have reported problems with some MicroSD cards in Contour devices. Refer to this information as it may just help you out:

You can use any* microSDHC card up to 32GB in size between Class 2 and Class 10 in speed.  Be sure that you format microSD cards using the in-camera method  for this model of camera.

ContourGPS, Contour+, ContourROAM, and Contour+2
You can use any* microSD or microSDHC card up to 32GB in size and up to Class 10 in speed.  Be sure that you format microSD cards using the in-camera method  for each of these models of camera.

ContourHD 1080p
You can use up to a 32GB card in your ContourHD 1080p.  When that camera  was first introduced, 32GB cards were not widely available and that is why the printed manual in the box references 16GB cards.  Since then the microSD card market has expanded and so your camera can use a 32GB card.

However, because the camera was not designed to use a card of that size, the memory card light will alway indicate that the card is full by showing a red light anytime you check the card status.  This is true even when the card is not full.  Other than that, it will function normally.

ContourHD 720p
You can use up to a 16GB card in your ContourHD 720p.

*SanDisk Ultra cards are only compatible with Contour cameras using the latest firmware.

*SHDC-1 microSD cards are not currently compatible with any of the Contour cameras.


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