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Lytro: Now with Manual Control and Ren's Visit

As you would be aware from our excitement over the last little while, the amazing Lytro light field camera is now being sold by us in Australia and it is about to get even better.

If you have recently purchased your very own Lytro, you would be wise to install the latest firmware release. Why? Well, afterwards, manual control will be yours.

The latest firmware allows control over
Shutter Speed, ISO Sensitivity, Neutral Density (ND) Filter and the Auto Exposure (AE) Lock. This gives you a whole new playing field for getting the most out of this revolutionary device.

The Lytro Blog has all the details, so get reading!

In other Lytro news, we were lucky enough for the creator, Ren Ng, to visit our Sydney store in Canterbury. Here he is with some of our cheerful staff (touch the photo to refocus like magic):

Control the Adventure: The GoPro App

Have you heard?

Bird, bird, the bird is the word.

Apart from that, word on the street is GoPro have released a pretty butt-kickin' app for iPhone and Android that adds a whole new dimension to your shooting experience, especially on the new GoPro HD HERO3 (it also works well with the HD HERO2, in conjunction with the optional Wi-Fi BacPac).

Use your compatible smartphone or tablet as a remote control through the GoPro app, providing easy video preview in real-time as you shoot. Seize full control over camera settings, features and more while perfect composition is at your fingertips while you concentrate on the task ahead.

Since it is now in your head, enjoy this video. We apologise in advance:

Come and Print on a Canon Pro Printer!

If you have always wanted to experience the superb printing quality of Canon's PIXMA printer range, get on down to our store demonstration this Saturday!

Julius, our Canon rep, will be there with a range of printers to show off. Bring your favourite photo with you on USB or CD and print it out during the demonstration:

When: Saturday October 27th, 10am-3pm
Where: 174 Canterbury Road, Canterbury NSW 2193
Why: Come on, it'll be fun.

We hope to see you there!

Canon DSLR Price Drops

Sometimes we're able to get some pretty fantastic prices to you on selected gear, over and above our lowest possible prices. Such a time has come where we are able to offer you truly amazing deals on a selected range of Canon DSLR bodies and kits. We've particularly hammered the 5D Mark III among others, and we urge you to get in quick and place your orders as these prices are on a limited amount of stock and they're skipping out the door faster than a mongoose with its bottom on fire.

Without further ado, see the table below for the insane price drops we're offering for a strictly limited time:

 Item Old
Sell Price
Sell Price
You Save
Canon EOS 60D Body $985.00 $   899.00 $86.00
Canon EOS 60D Single IS Kit $1,119.00 $   998.00 $121.00
Canon EOS 60D Twin Kit $1,429.00 $ 1,297.00 $132.00
Canon EOS 60D Premium Kit $1,569.00 $ 1,449.00 $120.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body $2,399.00 $ 2,197.00 $202.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit $3,379.00 $ 3,197.00 $182.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body $3,819.00 $ 3,597.00 $222.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Premium Kit $4,829.00 $ 4,597.00 $232.00
Canon EOS 7D Body $1,605.00 $ 1,489.00 $116.00
Canon EOS 7D Premium Kit $2,239.00 $ 2,139.00 $100.00
Canon EOS 1DX $7,699.00 $ 7,297.00 $402.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Videographer Kit $3,619.00 $ 3,457.00 $162.00
Canon EOS 7D + 11-16mm Tokina Lens $2,299.00 $ 2,197.00 $102.00
Canon EOS 7D + 17-85mm Lens $2,185.00 $ 2,097.00 $88.00
Canon EOS 7D + 18-270mm Tamron Lens $2,229.00 $ 2,097.00 $132.00
Canon EOS 7D + Canon 50mm f/1.4 Lens $2,059.00 $ 1,943.00 $116.00
Canon EOS 60D + 11-16mm Tokina Lens $1,679.00 $ 1,597.00 $82.00
Canon EOS 60D + 18-270 Tamron Lens $1,528.00 $ 1,519.00 $9.00
Canon EOS 60D + Canon 50mm f/1.4 Lens $1,439.00 $ 1,385.00 $54.00

These prices can be removed at any time, so get in while you can. Naturally, the whole range comes with a full Australian manufacturers warranty and the service we deliver with pride.

Give us a call on 1300 365 220 or come into one of our stores and speak to our certified camera nerds to fulfil your needs.

Canon EOS M - Preorder Offer and Brisbane Store Event

Canon's 2012 has certainly been a big one, with more big additions to the photographic market than you could imagine - it seems just as we are reeling from the last innovation another pops up.

One of the products that came to fruition in a much talked-about prelude was the Canon EOS M - their take on the ever-expanding Compact System Camera (CSC) market.

Release is just around the corner, and to celebrate we've got a bonus to give away when you pre-order this exciting little number.

Those who preorder will receive a bonus Lowepro Streamline 100 camera bag at no charge. This is while stocks last; it is a high quality case for your kit and ensures a comfortable and safe journey for you and your new baby:

LowePro Streamline 100 Camera Bag

As an addition to this offer we are also holding an exclusive launch event in conjunction with the team at our Brisbane store. If you're in Brisbane we'd love to see you there so you can experience this neat device for yourself in a casual cafe environment:

6:30pm November 7th, 2012

Where: Green Door Cafe; Shop 2B/360 Logan Road, Stones Corner

RSVP: Email us

RSVP is essential; email us as above to secure your place!

Want to spread the word? Grab the banner invitation and use it as wallpaper or any way you so please:

Until next time,

Your DCW Team

Sneaky Game Changer - GoPro HD HERO3!

Typically announcements from GoPro are mercilessly leaked and rabidly anticipated months prior to the eventual release.

In the case of the new GoPro HD HERO3, it seems to have slipped under the radar only to have unleashed with a phenomenal bang on October 17 2012. Now one of our most asked-about cameras, this industry fireball is available for preorder with the first shipment expected in Mid November.

This generation comes in Black, Silver and White editions. The Black Edition is the pièce de résistance, a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than previous models. It comes with the waterproof Wi-Fi remote for ultimate control at a distance, and perhaps the most amazing feature is the ability to shoot 4K Cinematic Video at 12fps. Nope, that's not a typo; your adventures will be reproduced in the most stunning detail and colours yet (and also munch a lot of the memory on your MicroSD cards).  You can also shoot gorgeous 12 megapixel still photos and a lot more, but we're still getting over the 4K video.

The Silver Edition offers a similar diminutive body packed full of performance, but leaves the video at a still-respectable HD 1080p/24, while incorporating built-in Wi-Fi (though you'll have to buy the remote with this one) and 11MP stills with 10fps continuous shooting.

The White Edition is the entry-level, basically offering similar specs to the Original HD HERO in a smaller, lighter Wi-Fi enabled package with the brand new User Interface.

All editions of the HD HERO 3 are compatible with the insanely fun GoPro app for smartphones and tablets, allowing live video preview and control right from your device. They also support most mounts and accessories in the existing range.

For all the details and to preorder your own adventure-recorder, better head to our website!

Canon's 75 Trips in 75 Days Promotion

Can you believe the world has been afforded 75 years of Canon's photographic innovation and presence in the market? Time flies when you're having fun.

To celebrate their 75th Anniversary, Canon have launched the 75 Trips in 75 Days promotion:

They are giving away a staggering $200,000 worth of travel prizes, including:

5 x $15,000 Travel Vouchers

10 x $8,000 Travel Vouchers

60 x $1000 QANTAS Holiday Vouchers
All you need to do is spend $90 or more on Canon products in a single purchase from a participating retailer (that's us!) and you can enter the draw online. Purchases need to be made between 1 October 2012 and 17 January 2013.Purchase Canon products and enter this fantastic competition, and don't forget us when you're touring the French countryside or having the road trip of a lifetime! Lucky ducks.

Firmware Update for Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF Lenses

Never fear, the latest Fuji X-Pro1 firmware is here!

This is actually a significant development for X-Pro1 users and it would give you a rather huge upgrade in overall camera performance should you download it.

Now, a complaint of the initial Fuji X-Pro1 firmware was the apparent slowness of the system especially with start-up time and more importantly the autofocus. This firmware update once installed on the X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF lenses corrects this and much more, as explained in Fujifilm’s Press Release:

Sample Image from the X-Pro1
Improved Auto Focus¹ Speed
Auto Focus mode will offer faster focussing in challenging lighting conditions where light is low or bright. Focus distance has also been improved, allowing you to capture a great shot closer to the subject without switching to Macro mode.

Improved Manual Focus Performance
When turning the focus ring, the speed of the image coming into focus has been greatly improved. It is also much easier to focus when adjusting the focus ring using the electronic viewfinder or the LCD panel on the back of the camera, always displaying the image closer to full aperture with minimum depth of field.

Additional 3x Magnification for Checking Focus
An extra 3x magnification is now available with the new firmware, adding to the existing 10x magnification focus check on the X-Pro1. It is now also possible to find the optimum focus point when viewing the entire screen.

Improved Writing / Processing Speed
The new firmware provides improved writing speed to a memory card. At maximum speed the X-Pro1 can now write to a memory card twice as fast².

Improved Playback Speed
Image playback now takes less than one second after pressing the image playback button.

Additional Feature
The ISO setting now includes Auto (6400).

This is sure to make your shooting experience just that little bit smoother and more satisfying, while giving you the focusing speed and low light capability that camera deserves.

Users: For best results, update the firmware on both the camera and the Fujinon XF lenses at the same time.
Head on over to Fuji's support page for further information and the download.