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Firmware Update for Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF Lenses

Never fear, the latest Fuji X-Pro1 firmware is here!

This is actually a significant development for X-Pro1 users and it would give you a rather huge upgrade in overall camera performance should you download it.

Now, a complaint of the initial Fuji X-Pro1 firmware was the apparent slowness of the system especially with start-up time and more importantly the autofocus. This firmware update once installed on the X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF lenses corrects this and much more, as explained in Fujifilm’s Press Release:

Sample Image from the X-Pro1
Improved Auto Focus¹ Speed
Auto Focus mode will offer faster focussing in challenging lighting conditions where light is low or bright. Focus distance has also been improved, allowing you to capture a great shot closer to the subject without switching to Macro mode.

Improved Manual Focus Performance
When turning the focus ring, the speed of the image coming into focus has been greatly improved. It is also much easier to focus when adjusting the focus ring using the electronic viewfinder or the LCD panel on the back of the camera, always displaying the image closer to full aperture with minimum depth of field.

Additional 3x Magnification for Checking Focus
An extra 3x magnification is now available with the new firmware, adding to the existing 10x magnification focus check on the X-Pro1. It is now also possible to find the optimum focus point when viewing the entire screen.

Improved Writing / Processing Speed
The new firmware provides improved writing speed to a memory card. At maximum speed the X-Pro1 can now write to a memory card twice as fast².

Improved Playback Speed
Image playback now takes less than one second after pressing the image playback button.

Additional Feature
The ISO setting now includes Auto (6400).

This is sure to make your shooting experience just that little bit smoother and more satisfying, while giving you the focusing speed and low light capability that camera deserves.

Users: For best results, update the firmware on both the camera and the Fujinon XF lenses at the same time.
Head on over to Fuji's support page for further information and the download.


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