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Make Living Pictures with Lytro!

It seems the photographic industry is hell-bent on providing innovation after innovation with some of the most exciting developments coming out in recent months, leading us to believe we're in somewhat of a revolution when it comes to technological advancement in the digital camera sphere.

One such product has finally made it to our shores, the Lytro Light Field Camera!

Although released in the US a little while ago, Digital Camera Warehouse has been named one of only eight exclusive stockists in Australia for the Lytro camera. 

What's so exciting about the Lytro, you ask? Well, if you have ever wished you could refocus your image after you have taken it - now you can. The Lytro captures the entire light field – that is, light in every direction at every point in space. This allows you to capture a “living picture” and interact with it in ways you could only previously imagine.  Focus and re-focus to reveal a new perspective on the image in an instant. You can share these amazing live images with friends and family over social networks, blogs and more, and they too will have control over the focus point in a snap.

It's all about telling a story, and revealing a hidden piece of the puzzle through honing a new skill in this freshly-written chapter in photography history.

Creator Ren Ng is a smart cookie indeed, and we can't wait to see what is in store for his future developments.

Want to preorder this amazing bit of gear to start shooting your own stories? Call us on 1300 365 220 for all the latest information.


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