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Re-focus on the Lytro Camera

Lytro Light Field Camera - Red
We've heard a lot of buzz around the place about the Lytro Light Field Camera ever since this amazing little technological marvel was announced.

If you don't already know what this tiny beast does, then let us fill you in a little: regular camera sensors
 simply add up all the light rays and record them as a single amount of light. The Lytro captures light travelling in every direction through every point in space.

"So what the heck does that mean?" I hear you ask. Well, one of the neat capabilities of this tech is the ability to re-focus your images - after you have taken them! So you can say goodbye to blurry photos forever as you simply re-focus on the subject you want.

Not only that, the Lytro doesn't have any shutter lag - you know, that annoying time from the moment you want to take your photo to the time the camera actually focuses and shoots - because ... the Lytro has no shutter mechanism! It captures the photo the instant you press the button. Neat, huh?

Lytro Camera In Use

Currently only available in the USA, we hope to see these awesome gadgets in Australia someday ...


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