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Canon PowerShot S100 Potential Lens Error

Canon Australia has advised that some PowerShot S100 units (with the serial numbers listed below) may encounter a lens error due to a part becoming disconnected inside the lens. In particular, this lens error may occur when the camera is used in certain environmental conditions such as high temperature and/or humidity.

The only products that are affected have a serial number that falls within a particular range. That is, any serial number where the first and second digits are any number from “29” through “41.” The serial number can be found on the bottom of the camera.

For example: 29xxxxxxxxxx”, “30xxxxxxxxxx”………”41xxxxxxxxxx”

(The [x] characters shown above represent the remaining characters of the product’s serial number.)

If your camera’s serial number does not fall within the range above, you have nothing to worry about and may disregard this notice.

Affected products that exhibit this phenomenon will be repaired free of charge by Canon Australia, regardless of the warranty status, if it is confirmed that the lens error has been caused by disconnection of the part inside the lens.

If you do own an affected product, you may contact Canon Australia Services & Support on 13 13 83 (local call) to arrange for the repair to be carried out. 

Canon Australia apologises to owners of affected products for any inconvenience caused. 

Read more about this service notification on the Canon Australia website.


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