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Shoot for the Stars: 5 Reasons You Should Try Astrophotography

Number 1: Enjoy some Peace and Quiet

How’s the Serenity? To get great images of the night sky and the Milky Way it’s best to get out of the city to avoid light pollution. The perfect excuse for a road trip or a weekend away. Make sure you pack a sturdy tripod though, because capturing the stars means using a super-slow shutter speed.

Using shutter speeds of 20-30 seconds or even longer gived you plenty of time to relax, contemplate, and enjoy the peace and quiet while waiting for your exposure to finish. Why not bring a hot drink along to warm you up while you wait. Just remember to focus before pressing the shutter or you’ll be waiting a long time to get a blurry shot.

Number 2: Experiment with Composition

Even the most popular locations tend to have fewer people at night, so there’s more room for you to explore different compositions. 

Spend some time thinking and planning what to feature in the foreground of your star or milky way shot to make your astro photography really stand out.

Number 3. Bring Your Own Light Show

You don’t have to worry about sunlight or harsh shadows at night. So why not make your own lighting effects with LED’s or flashlights

The moon can also be used as a light source for your scene as well, but beware of it drowning out the stars if it’s full.

Number 4: Enjoy Some Quiet Reflection

Capturing the night sky with the milky way in all its glory on a clear night is an incredibly experience, and one thing to make it look even better is something as simple as a bit of water.

Look out for puddles and still bodies of water, because shooting with a low perspective from next to the surface can some create incredible mirrored reflection shots.

Number 5: Unleash your Creativity

Your camera can see way more than your eyes can. Combine that ability with the power of a telescope and you might be able to catch a glimpse into the wondrous light beyond our atmosphere.

You can experiment with different techniques to capture more unique shots. Combining several shots together can create stunning star trails.

Or try zooming your lens while your camera is capturing a long exposure for an interesting and unique look.

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