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Finding The Right Tripod

Finding the right tripod is like finding a best friend for your camera. [Photo: @sirui_eu]

More often than not, after getting to know our cameras better, one of the first pieces of gear we find ourselves in want of is the humble tripod.

For a lot of people, tripods illicit one of those “oh, no, that’s way too serious.” reactions. As if only professionals are ‘allowed’ to be seen with them.

Nope. Untrue. Anyone making a hobby out of photography can, and should, pick up a decent tripod sooner than later. And I mean, propping up your camera with a few rocks does have its limitations.

Professionals might require a different set of features in their support systems, but the whole point of a tripod is the same across the board: It holds your camera so you don’t have to.

Let your tripod do the work while you relax and soak in the view. [Photo: @sirui_eu]
As you browse from entry level to professional tripods, you’ll notice a bit of a trend. Build material will often go from aluminium to carbon fibre. Maximum height gets a little taller. Most importantly, you’ll notice that the higher-level tripods can support more weight.

That’s because professionals tend to be using larger cameras along with other weighty accessories, like lighting, monitors, and more. They need that extra capacity to keep their rigs steady and upright.

Before things get out of hand, it’s important to take a second and think about what you really need from your tripod. Are you using it occasionally for family photos, or are you planning to go out regularly for long-exposure images?

Below, we’ve listed a few examples, common features, and what kind of photographer they might be better suited to.

Sirui A-1005 Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head
10kg Maximum Payload Weight | 140cm Maximum Height | 35.5cm Folded Length

This one is a great option for first time tripod owners and those with lighter cameras. The ball head is versatile and easy to use.  The whole thing folds down small, gives you a good working height range, and can support up to 10kg of gear. Now, that’s more than most beginners will need, but it’s also really great to know you’ve got room to grow. 

Sirui W-2004 Waterproof Aluminium Tripod Legs + K-20x Ballhead
18kg Maximum Payload Weight | 180cm Maximum Height | 52cm Folded Length

Sirui W-2004 Waterproof Aluminium Tripod Legs + K-20x Ballhead
As things progress, you’ll start to notice tripod legs and heads available separately, allowing you to choose the components for your specific shooting needs. Like this kit here. The legs are still aluminium, but go much higher and are a little more robust with waterproof twist locks. The head will make the most difference, with more advanced controls over friction feel, a heftier 25kg payload, and a larger plate to accommodate bigger, heavier cameras. 

Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod + K-30x Ballhead
18kg Maximum Payload Weight | 180cm Maximum Height | 52cm Folded Length

Moving to the pro level options, you’ll see a lot more legs made from carbon fibre, like the one above. This makes the tripod lighter and stiffer, which is good considering the heavy weight of pro cameras and accessory rigs. It still has the waterproof twist locks and the K-30x ballhead is a little more heavy duty as well, with an even wider plate and bigger payload of 30kg.

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