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The NEW Canon 5D Mark IV - Should You Upgrade?

It’s been 4 years, 5 months, and 26 days since Canon released the very well-received 5D Mark III but who is counting right? The 5D series of cameras are some of the most respected Digital SLR cameras and are known among professional shooters as being absolute workhorses of the photographic industry.

Canon have just launched the greatly anticipated follow up model - the 5D Mark IV which on the surface appears quite similar.

The question is, what sort of scrumptious new features has Canon packed into the latest model to convince photographers and cinematographers to upgrade to the latest iteration of the 5D series?

The big stand out features for the new Mark IV are:
  • ·         The camera’s ability to shoot broadcast quality DCI 4K video which means that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of shooting video in a super high resolution. From stabilising footage in post-production, to exporting 8.8 Megapixel stills from video footage, it opens up a stunning new world of creative opportunities.

  • ·         The new Dual Pixel AF points on the sensor which allow much faster autofocus performance in live view mode and when combined with the touch screen can provide incredible video focus pulls and subject tracking.

  • ·         The increased sensor resolution that boosts the pixels up to a glorious 30.4 Megapixels providing more detail than ever before, and the inclusion of the Dual Pixel Raw feature that allows for micro focus adjustments in post.

Overall it is a massive upgrade and one that we’ve been waiting patiently (more or less) for Canon to reveal. 

We recently had chance to play with the 5D Mark IV and you can watch as we put the camera through its paces in the video below.


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