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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Event

Words by Reagan. Video and images by Daniel S

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 is a flagship micro four-thirds camera model that has received countless awards globally and rightly so. This compact gem is not only retro-styled in a tasteful manner, but also follows suit in packing a punch performance wise.
On Wednesday 8th, our team were privileged to partake in a special Pro Specialist Event held by Olympus at the Hatch Productions Studio in Sydney where they showcased the hot new features and improvements in their v2.0 firmware upgrade for the E-M1 as well as a hands-on play with the highly anticipated 40-150mm PRO Lens (stay tuned for a mini blog review).
Check out the video we’ve put together of the event with Olympus expert Quett giving a brief overview of the new v2.0 software.
Key Improvements found in the OM-D E-M1 v2.0 firmware
  1. Keystone Compensation
    Allows for the compensation of horizontal and vertical skew that is often encountered when using ultra wide-angle lenses. This is a particularly useful feature for architectural photography. 
  2. Complete Tethered Shooting
    Allows complete control of all of the E-M1’s fucntions through Olympus’ new and free
    ‘Olympus Capture’ app (available for both Mac and PC). This app can be integrated with Olympus Viewer 3, Phase One’s Capture One and the Adobe Lightroom workflow software. 
  3. Live Composite
    Capture a single exposure up to a maximum of 3hrs without risk of overexposure. This is a useful feature for star gazers wishing to capture the perfect star trail. Also performs well for fireworks or lightning photography. 
  4. Partial Colour & Vintage Art Filters
    The new Partial Art filter allows for the selective isolation of a particular colour while turning the rest of the image into monochromatic tones with three varying degrees of tolerance. This filter also works with video footage!
  5. Photo Story Mode
    Adds two new layouts for additional collage creation flexibility. A temporary save and resume function allows for collages to be completed at a later date when required.
  6. Old Film Effect
    Adds dust and scratches to your movie to give it an older classic look.
  7. Aperture Lock Function
    Allows for the depth-of-field preview to be maintained without the need to continually hold the assigned depth of field preview button.
  8. Panning Shot
A new panning feature has been added to the Scene Selection mode.
Here are a few images from the day. 



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