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Why not video too?

Our team is made up of passionate photographers, videographers, brand-loyalists, enthusiasts and the types of creative image-capturers that could convince departments of education around the world that funding for the arts should remain a priority. They’re passionate.
They are passionate about their chosen genre of visual communication - still photography, videography, mixed media and others.
With the ever-changing nature of technology and the genius of innovators in photography design and manufacturing, we are lucky enough to have tools and equipment that make the cross-over from one form of visual communication to another a hassle-free process.
The equipment is readily available. Things like basic camera bodies and lenses, action cameras, copter/drones for aerial shots, microphones and headphones, underwater accessories, software and printers are available online and in stores.
The transition from still photography to video is also conveniently possible. It’s simple with a few accessories. The fact that a standard DLSR camera is able to take high quality video also means that still photographers can move into the video medium without having to spend too much money and without having to learn an entirely new piece of equipment.
As a first step, you could simply use yourexisting digital camera, add some inexpensive pieces of sound recording equipment such as microphones or headphones, and you are ready to shoot. You could also install editing software on your computer and seek a friend to assist in editing your footage. What you end up with is a high quality video at a basic level. Don’t misinterpret us – it takes time to shoot the footage you want, plus it takes time to edit. Also, depending on where your final cut is going to end up, the time that you spend on your project will need to be adjusted, but it’s possible. E.g. Is it for your family or for a board meeting?  You can quite easily test your talents at video production.
Just think about all the videos you could shoot, edit and upload to YouTube: your kids’ first soccer match edited down to 3 minutes, your 4 minute Christmas video, or action footage of you on the slopes or the waves!
There are a number of brands in the market place that are specialists in the field of sound and sound recording equipment. We choose to stock our stores with four brands – Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Rode and Rycote. Sennheiser is a German company with innovative design. Audio-Technica is known for its quality and comfort of headphones. Rode manufactures microphones used by enthusiasts and industry professionals globally. Rycote are renowned for their recording accessories. Along with a vast number of other manufacturers and distributors, all four of these brands design reliable products that will enhance video production, whether you’re an amateur or professional.
So, it’s an easy transition from still photography to video when you’re ready. Just make the decision, source the accessories and get shooting.
The question is… are you ready?


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