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The Lytro Light Field camera is still captivating audiences around the world, and naturally Australia is no exception. 

One thing we really like about the LYTRO company is their constant drive to improve the system, with yet another desktop software update available today. It's pretty great when you can experience the latest technology on offer without the need to upgrade the hardware huh?

This December 4th update allows users to utilize "Perspective Shift" and "Living Filters" in their light field images. 

Perspective Shift allows Lytro users to interactively change the point of view in a light field photo after it has been taken. Just like all Lytro images, both the photographer and the viewer can play with the perspective without the need for special software once the feature has been applied and shared. Pictures come to life and become an involved experience for the audience - it makes for a really neat way to tell your story.

So what about Living Filters? These allow the photographer to show off their creative flair and compose their art in even more ways to excite the audience. Lytro users will be able to apply one of nine interactive filters, including Film Noir, Crayon, and Carnival, to their living pictures to change the look of the picture based on light field depth.

These filters work on new shots as well as light field photos previously taken before the software update - woo hoo!

Check out a sample below, and see the Lytro Blog to update your desktop software today. 

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