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Nikon D600 Launch Nights

We held launch nights for the D600 at our Canterbury and Northcote stores this past Wednesday evening, and they were rather successful if we do say so ourselves!

Joined by Nikon representatives, our customers were given a detailed presentation on this revolutionary new camera. We had a great turnout of keen people looking to find out as much as they could on the D600 and get hands on, with quite a few taking the plunge and upgrading to it on the night.

It is nice to see the big manufacturers developing a full frame camera in a more affordable pricing bracket, allowing many enthusiasts to step into the category and get that fantastic 35mm image quality. We could tell a lot of customers were chuffed with this addition to Nikon's lineup. 

                                     D600 Launch Night; Canterbury store in Sydney 19/09/2012                                                                                                     
As with any new release into quite an extensive and polarizing market, there has been some criticism of the price still being a little too high for the included features, or the features not quite having that 'wow' factor. Considering a full frame DSLR was upwards of $4500 just a few years ago with fewer 'bells and whistles' as they say, we'd have to pick the D600 and indeed Canon's 6D as vital elements to the market giving keen photographers a little more opportunity to take the next step in their chosen paths, whether from a creative or professional standpoint. 
We love having these experience nights at our stores, they're a great way to get to know our customer base and invite you to check us out on a more casual basis hopefully taking away a little more knowledge on something rather cool. 
We'll be sure to let you know about our next events, so come on down for a chat and tell us what you think. 


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